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La mitología de la antigua Grecia tenía una enorme influencia en el desarrollo de la cultura y el arte en todo el mundo y dio lugar a una gran cantidad de ideas religiosas sobre el hombre, los héroes y los dioses. El estado más antiguo de la mitología griega es conocida por las tabletas de la cultura del Egeo, ya que este período se caracteriza por un pequeño número de dioses. Puedes ver los principales en nuestra colección de cursores personalizados de los dioses griegos para Chrome. Varias parcelas de los antiguos mitos griegos aparecen constantemente en las obras de escritores de todo el mundo, esto llevó a la creación de sus propios mitos alegóricos basados ​​en ellos. ¡Con nuestro cursor personalizado de la mitología griega para el mouse y el puntero, puede crear sus propios mitos únicos, su propia historia! El cursor personalizado con Zeus te ayudará a sentir todo el poder de truenos y relámpagos o sentir la patrona de todos los seres vivos en la Tierra al cambiar el cursor del mouse a Ceres. En la mitología griega, la colección de cursores personalizados para el navegador de Chrome, puede encontrar a sus dioses favoritos en la forma de un cursor personalizado con sus atributos como sugerencias.

Mitología griega Cursors Full Pack


Cursor pack god poseidon

God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes, he rules one of the three kingdoms of the universe as king of the sea and waters. Powerful, indestructible with a turbulent power that manifests itself inseparably from his regal majesty. You can wield all the power of Poseidon with our Greek Mythology custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack god zeus

Zeus is the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and justice. Zeus is the most powerful of the gods and is presented in our custom cursors collection with Greek Mythology for mouse and pointer. Fierce Zeus as a custom cursor for mouse and lightning in the form of a pointer.

Cursor pack god hermes

Hermes is the God of borders, travel, trade, communication, language, writing, cunning, and thieves. His attributes include a rod, winged sandals, and a traveler's cap. His sacred animals are the turtle. God Hermes from our Greek Gods custom cursors collection will turn your default mouse into a cute Greek God Hermas cursor and pointer for Chrome.

Cursor pack god aid

God of the subterranean realm of the dead, possessor of countless human souls and treasures hidden in the earth. Hades is the possessor of a magic helmet that makes him invisible. Hades - literally "invisible", "fearful" - the god who is the ruler of the realm of the dead, as well as the realm itself, the underworld, hell. God Hades custom cursor for the mouse in a terrific cursor collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack god ares

Ares is the God of courage, war, and bloodshed. Ares' element is to carry a sword and a huge shield among fighting warriors and to triumph when he sees the blood gushing from their wounds. He is the father of Harmony, the goddess of balance, and Cupid, the goddess of love. His indispensable attributes are a military helmet and a sword. Ares as a custom cursor for mouse and sword in the form of a pointer is presented in our Greek gods custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack goddess ceres

Ceres, goddess of agriculture and fertility. Ceres is a goddess, revered by all and so much that her image was imagined as actually existing. In the world of antiquity, Ceres is the supreme deity. In our cute custom cursors collection with Greek Gods, we depicted the Goddess Ceres as a custom cursor for the browser in beautiful graphics.

Cursor pack god anubis

God of funerary rituals and mummification, "guardian of the scales" in the court of Osiris in the realm of the dead, expert in healing herbs. God in the form of a man with the head of a wild dog. Anubis as a custom cursor for mouse and scepter in the form of a pointer is presented in our Greek gods custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack goddess artemis

Artemis - Goddess of hunting, forest, hills, and moon, goddess of archery, daughter of Zeus, and the twin sister of Apollo. Armed with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows. We are glad to present this elegant custom cursor with an Artemis from the adorable custom cursors collection for the mouse and pointer with Greek gods.

Cursor pack god horus

Horus is the god of the sky and the sun in the form of a falcon in the usual attire and headdress of a pharaoh, symbolizing courage and victory in our Greek Mythology custom cursors collection for Chrome. Horus custom cursor from our Greek Gods cursors collection for mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack goddess athena

Athena goddess of wit, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, war, battle strategy, and crafts, is one of the most revered goddesses of Ancient Greece. Armed with a shield and a spear, her symbol is the olive tree and her sacred animal is the owl. Add a custom cursor with Goddess Athena from our adorable custom cursors collection with gods.

Cursor pack goddess bastet

Bastet is the goddess of joy and love, female beauty, fertility, domesticity, and cats, who was depicted as a cat or a woman with a cat's head. Meet the Bastet cursor for Chrome in a Greek Gods custom cursors collection for mouse and pointers.

Cursor pack gorgon medusa

Medusa, a mortal woman transformed by Athena into a gorgon. A mythical creature with a woman's face and hair in the form of poisonous snakes. When any man looked into her eyes, he immediately turned to stone. Custom cursor with snake pointer for the mouse in our collection of custom cursors Greek gods.

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