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Custom Mouse Cursor Changer - an extension for anyone who wants to change the mouse pointer provided to cheerful or bright.

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Golden Frieza cursor

This cursor captures the essence of the iconic Dragon Ball character, Frieza, in his awe-inspiring golden form.

Pickle Rick cursor

Inspired by the iconic character from the hit show "Rick and Morty," this cursor will add a whimsical touch to your browsing experience.

Orange Piccolo cursor

Introducing the Orange Piccolo custom cursor for Chrome!

Beth Smith cursor

This cursor embodies the complexity of Beth's character from Rick and Morty, making your digital journey all the more intriguing.

Bergamo cursor

Unleash the might of Universe 9 on your digital journey with this custom Chrome cursor!

Boa Hancock cursor

Introducing the captivating Boa Hancock custom cursor for Chrome!

Monkey D. Luffy cursor

This cursor features the fearless pirate captain from One Piece, known for his iconic straw hat and boundless determination.

Mr. Meeseeks (Kirkland) cursor

This custom cursor features the beloved character from the hit show "Rick and Morty."

Beerus cursor

The Dragon Ball custom cursor collection for Chrome is a great way to add a personal touch to their browsing experience using Beerus custom cursor.

Scary Terry cursor

Introducing Scary Terry, the iconic character from Rick and Morty, as your custom Chrome cursor!

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Thor cursor

Cute custom cursor with Thor includes a mouse cursor with Hammer of Thor and a hover pointer with Thor. The collection of Avengers cursors for chrome will be the best suite for all Marvel fans.

Captain America cursor

America’s World War II Super-Soldier and the leader of Avengers in a great design for a custom cursor for Chrome. Captain America cursor for mouse and custom Avenger hover.

Doctor Strange cursor

Doctor Strange cursor for the mouse with his Eye of Agamotto hover will travel with you within the internet.

Gamora cursor

Gamora cursor for a mouse is a good fan art to decorate your browsing. A character weapon hover comes together with the custom cursor with Gamora.

Groot cursor

Baby Groot's custom cursor for the mouse is a pretty superhero in a Marvel cursor collection for Chrome. Looks like a tree with a brave nature Groot in our custom cursors for all fans.

Hulk cursor

Bruce Banner is a war machine in the Avengers community. Hulk cursors for Chrome with Hulk Smash hover is in a Marvel custom cursors collection.

Iron Man cursor

A man with lots of achievements he uses high-tech innovations to get the ability to fly, fight with the universe enemies, and save the Earth. Add Iron Man cursor in the collection of custom cursors with avengers for the browser.

Loki cursor

Prince of Asgard in a famous Marvel collection with custom cursors. So make fun with the Loki cursor for the mouse and unique scepter hover. Marvel cursor with Loki for real fans of the comics.

Angry Superman cursor

Superman custom cursor for the mouth with a rageful Superman hovers available in two variants. Choose the custom cursor that is suitable for your mood today.

Happy Superman cursor

Superman is the first and the most famous DC comics character. He is a super-strong, powerful, and speedy man whose real name is Kel-El and known on Earth as a Clark Kent. Choose the custom cursor that is suitable for your mood today.

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