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Be patient – tenderness, love and happiness await you ahead. It is easy to make friends with Pusheen cute cat for a child and an adult from one touch!
Anyone who uses social media probably already knows Pushin. First hit in the web comic Everyday Cute, this toon cat has already gained thousands of fans and has become a true Internet celebrity.
Pusheen is a character in comics and sticker packs on Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, and other social media platforms. And in the form of a fabulous unicorn with a pink mane and a sparkling horn, Pusheen’s kitty is even cuter than usual.
Pusheen was created 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for the comics on their Everyday Cute website. More recently, the character Pusheen has been featured in social media posts and the Pusheen blog.
Pusheen is a tabby gray kitty with dark stripes on its back, head and tail. Kitten currently lives in Connecticut with the parents of its creator, Claire Belton.
This cat was adopted by the Claire family from the animal shelter when he was very young.
Pusheen is a slightly lazy cat that loves to sleep and be everyone’s favorite. He also loves to eat very much.
All characters have their own character and have genuine charisma. Comic book characters are incredibly effective, sweet and positive.
Collections of products dedicated to the cartoon cat, including plush toys, clothing, home decor and various accessories – well, isn’t that adorable? Imagine the pleasure a subscription box called Pusheen Box filled with Pusheen products can be. It is from these cute and funny little things that our life consists.
This became the basis for the creation of the Pusheen cute cursor collection. Autumn Leaf Pusheen, Pusheen Nuts Cheek, Pusheen Skull Dinosheen, Easter Chick Bunny, Pusheen Happy Stormy, Mermaid Pusheen, Pusheen Bone Pugsheen, Pusheen Pusheenicorn Crystal – find them in Pusheen the cat cursors.
Welcome to the world of cartoon adorable heroes! Here you will find a real avalanche of sweetness and delights in Pusheen family cursor collection.

Pusheen Cursors Full Pack


Cursor pack pusheen walks

Cursor pack pusheen sweet tooth

Cursor pack pusheen mermaid

Cursor pack pusheen witch

Cursor pack pusheen crocodile

Cursor pack pusheen cook

Cursor pack pusheen is upset

Cursor pack pusheen pikachu

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Cursor pack pusheen cupid

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