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Humor, criticism, sarcasm, irony and fantasy will make Family Guy’s day. American animated sitcom Family Guy is characterized by its highly unique atmosphere. This is a series for a certain type of people with a specific life position and views, a special sense of humor and other criteria. Like other cartoons. However, Family Guy has millions of fans!
The plot focuses on a typical American family Griffin, consisting of parents, Peter and Lois, their children, Chris, Meg and Stewie, as well as Brian – an anthropomorphic dog. The sitcom is set in Quahog, a fictional city in Newport County, Rhode Island.
The popularity of the animated series quickly overgrown this creation with an army of fans. This inspired our team to create the Family Guy memes cursors collection. Family guy cursors introduces us to an ordinary American family Guy.
Father and head of the family is Peter Griffin. His favorite pastime is to sit on the couch and just watch TV. Peter managed to be the president of a tobacco company, the chief sheriff of the city, a police captain, the owner of his own shop and strip bar. Find a quarrelsome and hot-tempered 44-year-old in Draft Beer Peter Griffin cursor and pointer.
Surprisingly, housewife Lois Griffin is a daughter of the richest man, Quahog. She sincerely, strongly and truly disinterestedly loves Peter, even in spite of all his shortcomings, terrible rudeness and terribly stupid actions. Meet Oven Glove Griffin in custom mouse cursor.
Chris Griffin was an unplanned child. When he was conceived, his parents’ condom broke. Enjoy Rock On Hand Chris Griffin in family guy mouse cursor.
Meg Griffin is an extremely complex and completely insecure loser girl with globally low self-esteem. Megan is the name of this girl, which was given to her by her mother Lois, but her father Peter changed her name on the birth certificate to Megatron. It’s kind of cool. Join Compact Mirror Meg Griffin in custom cursor.
Stewie Griffin is a one year old but phenomenally gifted child. He has repeatedly flown to the past and the future since he invented the time machine. Find him in Ray Gun Stewie Griffin and Rupert Stewie Griffin cool cursors.
An incredible adventure takes place with Family Guy, highlighting the problems of racism, feminism anf religion. All of these points are unique and ironic. Enjoy cool mouse cursors collection in Family Guy!

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