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Could words and fictional worlds be so good for you and your health? Books aesthetic cursors take your breath away!  They are so profound, simple, truthful, and elegant! Aesthetic cursor packs about the best books are absolutely timeless.

Books contain and store stories, thoughts and feelings that are unlike anything in this world. We wanted to create something really, truly impacted people. With a collection of mouse cursors about books, we made a dream come true.

We present to your attention several custom mouse cursors from our books collection.

Has there ever been a more touching book than “To Kill a Mockingbird”? If you have read this novel, you will relive every treasured moment. The rare film story of a father who can only protect his children with his love. A perfect drama in Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus with Scout Finch & Tree custom cursor!

No other detective series has been able to take this its place. Sherlock Holmes is an eccentric private detective, known for his proficiency in observation, forensic sciences, and logical reasoning. His skills of deduction are legendary and unparalleled. Enjoy Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes & Pipe mouse cursor.

The novel “Robinson Crusoe” teaches people how to live, what’s good and what’s bad. This is the relationship of man to nature and civilization, to labor and private property. The triumph of man over nature takes place in Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe Friday & Canoe aesthetic cursor.

“The Master and Margarita” answers the eternal questions of human existence. This is an apology for the devil, who gives admiration thanks to his dark power. The world of evil returns the logic of good to the world in Bulgakov Master and Margarita Woland & Oil custom cursor.

Follow the young prince on his space adventure. The novel about a wanderer who restlessly asks questions and is willing to engage the invisible, secret mysteries of the universe.

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Cursor pack superhero spider-man

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Cursor pack venom

At the request of users, we made a beautiful Venom cursor. Venom is a black alien (in some versions it can be artificial) symbiote, an intelligent alien creature of a sticky, almost liquid form!

Cursor pack captain america

Cursor pack deadpool

Cursor pack iron man

Cursor pack wolverine

At the request of users, we made a beautiful Wolverine cursor. Wolverine is a mutant with superhuman abilities. He possesses regeneration that allows him to survive after being severely injured.

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