Master of magical power and Earth Protector Doctor Strange in a Marvel cursors collection for Chrome. Doctor Strange cursor for the mouse with his Eye of Agamotto hover will travel with you within the internet.


Among Us Yellow Character cursor

Yellow Among Us Character is a custom cursor from our custom cursors collection for Chrome. There are 18 different colors that players can choose in the lobby during the game.

The Yellow Diamond cursor

The Yellow Diamond custom cursor for Chrome is well-designed in the best cute traditional for out The Cursors custom cursors collection.

Yellow Sapphire Texture cursor

Add Yellow Sapphire cursor in the collection of custom cursors with Textures for the browser.

Superhero Wolverine cursor

Unleash your inner superhero with the Wolverine cursor from the Books Cursor Collection! This cursor features the iconic adamantium-clawed mutant, ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. Wi...

Deadpool Superhero cursor

Do you love Deadpool and want to add a quirky twist to your browser interface? Look no further than the Deadpool Superhero cursor from the Books Cursor Collection! This cursor features the famous mask...

Space Invaders Yellow and Green cursor

The Games Cursor Collection has added a new cursor inspired by the classic game, Space Invaders. The cursor features a yellow and green design, just like the iconic aliens in the game. Users can easil...

Yellow and Purple Pac-Man cursor

Add some retro gaming flair to your browsing experience with the Yellow and Purple Pac-Man cursor from the Games Cursor Collection. This fun cursor features the iconic Pac-Man character in his classic...

Superhero Captain America cursor

The Superhero Captain America cursor from the Books Cursor Collection is the perfect way to add some excitement and adventure to your browsing experience! This cursor features the iconic shield of Cap...

SuperHero Spider-man cursor

The Books Cursor Collection brings you a web-slinging hero to adorn your browser with the SuperHero Spider-Man cursor! This fun and interactive cursor features Spider-Man in his iconic red and blue co...

Superhero Batman cursor

An ardent crime fighter is hiding under the guise of a mysterious bat

Superhero Superman cursor

Superman is always ready to help, even if he has an important meeting...

Superhero Hulk cursor

Unleash the power of the Hulk with the Superhero Hulk cursor from the Books Cursor Collection. This cursor features the iconic green superhero in all his muscular glory, ready to smash through any obs...

Superhero Venom cursor

Transform your browser into a superhero world with the Venom cursor from the Books Cursor Collection. This sleek and deadly cursor will help you navigate the internet like a true symbiote. Perfect for...


Bring some playful fun to your browsing with the LEGO Red and Yellow cursor from the Cartoons Cursor Collection! This vibrant cursor features the iconic bright red and yellow colors of the LEGO brand,...

Yellow cursor

Basic Cursors Cursor Collection offers a yellow cursor designed specifically for web browsing. This cursor provides users with a bright and eye-catching element on their screen, making it easily visib...

Yellow Cursor cursor

Introducing the vibrant and cheerful Yellow Cursor, part of the Basic Cursors Cursor Collection. This cursor will add an instant pop of color to your browser, making navigation a little bit more fun. ...

Yellow Diamond cursor

Experience the brilliance of Yellow Diamond with the Yellow Diamond cursor, part of the Steven Universe Cursor Collection. This cursor features the regal ruler of Homeworld, with her signature glowing...

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