Chaos Agent is a male outfit presented with black mucus. On top of his head, there is a black respirator which is connected with a strange device fixed on his back with two tubes. There is a custom cursor with advanced gun and Chaos Agent as a hover in a set of Fortnite cursors for Chrome.


Dark Wild Card cursor

Sinister and smart Dark Wild Card from Fortnite in a cute design for custom cursor with Dark Wild Card.

Deltarune Dark World Lancer cursor

The awesome only custom cursor for mouse and pointer Lancer from our Undertale and Deltarune custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Deltarune Dark World Kris cursor

Kris custom cursor from our Undertale and Deltarune cursors collection for mouse and pointer.

Dark Bomber cursor

Introducing the Dark Bomber cursor for your browser, from the Fortnite Cursor Collection! This cursor features the iconic character from the game, with her striking purple and black color scheme. Whet...

Dark Knight cursor

Fortnite Cursor Collection now brings the Dark Knight cursor for your browser. This cursor is inspired by the iconic villain from the Batman series, and is perfect for those who love the dark and myst...

Dark Crafter cursor

The Dark Crafter cursor from the Games Cursor Collection is a perfect addition for gamers or anyone looking to add a touch of darkness to their browser. The cursor features a detailed design that is r...

Dark Matter cursor

Introducing the Dark Matter cursor from the Games Cursor Collection. This cursor features a sleek and stylish design with a dark and mysterious aesthetic, perfect for gamers and sci-fi fans alike. It ...

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