The Pusheen Cursor Collection has added a cute and love-filled Cupid cursor to its arsenal. With Pusheen dressed as an adorable Cupid, you can now send virtual love arrows to your friends and loved ones as you browse the web. This cursor is just one of the many unique and fun cursors from the Pusheen Cursor Collection, which lets you spice up your browser with various Pusheen-themed designs. Download the Cupid cursor and add a touch of romance to your online experience today!


Pusheen crocodile cursor

Pusheen Cursor Collection has added a new adorable cursor to their collection - the Pusheen crocodile cursor for your browser! This cute cursor features Pusheen dressed up as a green crocodile, comple...

Pusheen Witch cursor

Get ready for Halloween with the Pusheen Witch cursor from the Pusheen Cursor Collection! This adorably spooky cursor features Pusheen dressed in a witch hat and cape, flying on a broomstick. It's the...

Pusheen Cook cursor

The Pusheen Cook cursor is a delightful addition to Pusheen Cursor Collection. It features a cute, chibi-style Pusheen holding a cooking utensil. The cursor is smooth and responsive, making browsing a...

Pusheen shoes cursor

The Pusheen Cursor Collection offers an adorable new addition to its line with Pusheen shoes cursor for browsers. Users can now browse the web in style with Pusheen's signature pink shoes following th...

Pusheen sweet tooth cursor

Pusheen Cursor Collection offers a sweet tooth cursor for your internet browser featuring the lovable grey tabby cat with a love for all things sweet. The cursor showcases Pusheen holding a cupcake, h...

Pusheen is upset cursor

Pusheen, the beloved cartoon cat, is feeling down and disheartened. You can sense her emotions through the new Pusheen upset cursor for your browser from the Pusheen Cursor Collection. With her droopy...

Pusheen Pikachu cursor

Check out the newest addition to the Pusheen Cursor Collection - the Pusheen Pikachu cursor for your browser! This adorable cursor features Pusheen dressed up as Pikachu, complete with lightning bolt ...

Pusheen Mermaid cursor

The Pusheen Cursor Collection has added a new cursors to their lineup - the Pusheen Mermaid cursor for your browser! Now you can add some under-the-sea cuteness to your browsing experience with Pushee...

Pusheen walks cursor

Pusheen fans rejoice! You can now add the beloved animated character to your browsing experience with the Pusheen Cursor Collection. This collection features a cute little Pusheen walking animation th...

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