Uka, one of the trinity Ongis, are resourceful con artists, part monkeys, part catfishes, and minor characters in the animated film, Raya and the Last Dragon. This cutest, smallest, and youngest Ongis of the trinity is a custom cursor for mouse and pointers from the adorable custom cursors collection.


Fast Food cursor

Do you like french fries, coca-cola and other fast food? Now you can install a coca-cola custom cursor for the mouse to get fun with our cutest custom cursor collection for Chrome.

Kawaii Fast Food cursor

The well-designed fast food cursor will change your default mouse pointer with a real darlingness from our Kawaii custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Food cursor Ice cream cursor

Add some sweetness to your browsing experience with the ice cream cursor from the Basic Cursors collection! This adorable cursor features a delicious, scoops of vanilla ice cream with colorful sprinkl...

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