New Cute Cursors

Cursor pack paarthurnax

Cursor pack steven universe

Cursor pack wall-e eva

Cursor pack god hermes

Hermes is the God of borders, travel, trade, communication, language, writing, cunning, and thieves. His attributes include a rod, winged sandals, and a traveler's cap. His sacred animals are the turtle. God Hermes from our Greek Gods custom cursors collection will turn your default mouse into a cute Greek God Hermas cursor and pointer for Chrome.

Cursor pack predator

Cursor pack captain marvel

Carol Danvers has at one point become a Kria-human hybrid with superhuman strength and endurance, she can fly at half the speed of sound, and she can shoot energy charges from her hands. Now you can get the power of Captain Marvel cursor by using our collection of custom Comics Marvel cursors for Chrome.

Cursor pack washington nationals

Cursor pack riki

Cursor pack warlock

Cursor pack el primo

Cursor pack pig

A funny pig from the farm is a well-known animal that lives near humans. We are glad to present this cute custom cursor with a pig animal from the adorable custom cursors collection for the mouse and pointer with animals.

Cursor pack mason «dipper» pines

Cursor pack new year tiger

2022 is the year of the tiger that brings a change in everything, including in your browser. Change your default cursor to a custom cursor with New year tiger, and Christmas toy as a pointer from our Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cursors collection.

Cursor pack yin yang

Cursor pack papaya

Juicy papaya cursor is illustrated for our Fruits Cursors custom cursors collection for Chrome. Slice of papaya as a cursor for the mouse and funny papaya pointer will look pretty nice on your screen.

Cursor pack tomb

Custom cursor with a tomb that was created especially for the Halloween event. Explore our Holiday custom cursors collection that is timed to the Halloween and the Autumn thematic. The tomb cursor will change the usual cursor for the mouse to a cute one.

Cursor pack black

Cursor pack shoes and handbag

Cursor pack boston bruins

Cursor pack on the contrary

Cursor pack george washington

Cursor pack wand

Create magic on the webpage with a wand cursor for mouse and pointer. The cutest custom cursors collection changes the usual cursor for the mouse with your favorite cutie item.

Cursor pack lina

Cursor pack windows

Cursor pack grapefruit

One grapefruit tree can produce more than 680 kilograms of fruit! One of these useful fruits got into our wonderful Fruits Cursors custom cursors collection for Chrome. Slice of grapefruit as a cursor for the mouse and the grimacing grapefruit pointer will look pretty nice on your screen.

Cursor pack kurosaki ichigo

Cursor pack professor albus dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore - Director of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Great Wizard, Supreme Sorcerer of the Wizengamot, President of the International Confederation of Wizards. Known as the strongest wizard of his time. Don't miss the opportunity to feel like a great wizard by installing Albus Dumbledore custom cursor for mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack super mario bros.

Cursor pack chrollo lucilfer

Chrollo's two distinguishing features are a cross tattoo on his forehead and a pair of sphere-shaped earrings. Chrollo Lucilfer cursor for mouse and custom hover pointer with character's weapon in Hunter × Hunter collection of custom cursors.

Cursor pack stewie griffin

Cursor pack attractive astronaut

A fascinating journey through the boundless universe with our collection of custom cursors for Chrome. A well-designed custom Astronaut cursor for the mouse from our collection of space sci-fi custom cursors for the mouse.

Cursor pack snowflake and scarf

Festive, cute custom cursor Snowflake and Scarf from our beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year custom cursors collection for the mouse and pointer with a variety of funny characters.

Cursor pack among us the flash character

The Flash has a superpower of speed energy that can bring him across time and eras and also makes him the fastest man on the Earth. The Among Us Flash custom cursor for the mouse from our gorgeous collection of Among Us custom cursors for Chrome.

Cursor pack kawaii strawberry

Funny strawberry pointer for mouse and a funny strawberry cursor that was created in Japanese kawaii style for our custom cursor collection for mouse and pointer in kawaii design. A cute cursor collection is available for the Chrome browser.

Cursor pack ron weasley

Ron Weasley is Harry Potter's best friend, a great chess player, Loves to eat and cheat on Hermione's homework. More than anything, Ron is afraid of spiders. With the customizable custom cursor from the Harry Potter collection, you can turn your cursor into Ron's magic wand.

Cursor pack lego

Cursor pack undertale dream sans

Despite the fact that he is Sans, it is more correct to call him Dream, named after the Tree that gave him life. When he is overly admired, his pupils turn into stars. Dream Sans custom cursor from our custom cursors collection for Chrome will change your default mouse pointer to Undertale and Deltarune characters.

Cursor pack cicero

Cursor pack undertale undyne

Undyne, a returning character from Undertale, is a secondary character in Deltarune. She is the Chief of Police for Hometown. Undyne character as a custom cursor for mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack star wars weapon

Cursor pack cow

Cursor pack the wasp

Hope van Dyne has remarkable intelligence and a wasp costume that allows her wearer to change size multiple times. The custom mouse and pointer cursor from our Comics Marvel collection will allow you to navigate the tab at the speed of a wasp.

Cursor pack slippers

Do you like warm and soft slippers? So you will love our cute slippers cursor for Chrome. Change the default cursor for the mouse to a custom cursor with slippers.

Cursor pack kawaii rubik's cube

The largest Rubik's cube measuring 3 meters and weighing 500 kg, the smallest Rubik's cube with a 10 mm edge, and the cutest are illustrated in our kawaii custom cursors collection for Chrome! Rubik's Cube custom cursor for the mouse in a kawaii cursor collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack success kid

Cursor pack mouse and snake

Cursor pack sasuke uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is the head and one of the last surviving men of the Uchiha clan. He has a strong chakra and high physical skills. Custom cursor with Sasuke is a detailed illustration of the manga character from Naruto. Custom cursors with Naruto are available for Chrome browser.

Cursor pack chelsea

Cursor pack templar assassin

Cursor pack god ares

Ares is the God of courage, war, and bloodshed. Ares' element is to carry a sword and a huge shield among fighting warriors and to triumph when he sees the blood gushing from their wounds. He is the father of Harmony, the goddess of balance, and Cupid, the goddess of love. His indispensable attributes are a military helmet and a sword. Ares as a custom cursor for mouse and sword in the form of a pointer is presented in our Greek gods custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack teenage mutant ninja turtles

Cursor pack toy story

Cursor pack kanye west

Cursor pack the mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic. The Mandalorian cursor for a mouse is a good fan art to decorate your browsing. A character weapon hover comes together with the custom cursor with Mandalorian.

Cursor pack taurus zodiac sign

Responsive and reliable owners of the Taurus horoscope sign will love our cute Taurus custom cursor and hover for the mouse. Funny designed twelve horoscope cursors in our gorgeous Zodiac Signs custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack hedgehog

Cursor pack penny

Cursor pack dark bomber

Cursor pack kevin the minion

Kevin is a tall, two-eyed minion with short-cropped hair and usually dressed in his golf clothes, who likes to mock and tease people or minions. He is a master of golf, polo, and cricket. Kevin the Minion custom cursor for mouse and pointer with the adjustable wrench in a Minions collection of custom cursors.

Cursor pack among us iron man character

Among Us Iron Man is a skin that can be applied during the game. Iron Man is a superhero from Marvel Comics and a member of the Avengers team. Among Us Iron Man character as a custom cursor for mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack mileena (no mask)

Mileena is a fighter warrior from the Mortal Kombat game. Well-designed custom cursor with a Mileena in our fantastic Mortal Kombat custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack hand and skull

Cursor pack mr. meeseeks

Cursor pack bowser

Cursor pack rock lee

Rock Lee is a character from the Naruto manga and the animated series on TV. He is optimistic, energetic, and a good guy who can destroy a meteorite. Custom cursor with Rock Lee is a good opportunity to change the usual mouse to the fans cursors from the Naruto custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack v means vendetta

Cursor pack finn the human

Cursor pack dinosaurs

Cursor pack pointer poop

Cursor pack funny astronaut

With our collection of custom cursors for Chrome, you can control your computer from deep space. A well-designed custom cursor in the shape of a spaceship from our cursors collection with planets of the Solar System.

Cursor pack canada

Cursor pack polar bear

The polar bear cursor for mouse and pointer is illustrated for the custom cursors collection for mouse and pointer. If you want to change the default cursor to a cute bear, you are welcome to our collection of cursors with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cursor pack stan marsh from south park

Cursor pack angry aquaman

The King of the underwater world Aquaman is one of the most powerful DC comics superheroes. Angry Aquaman custom cursor for Chrome in our incredible collection of cursors for the mouse. Choose from a different mood of superhero hover and trident of Aquaman cursor in two colors.

Cursor pack war machine

Rowdy possesses heavy-duty, multifunctional manned armor and is skilled with a variety of firearms. With our collection of Comics Marvel custom cursors, you have the opportunity to use Rowdy's personal gun as a custom cursor and War Machine as a pointing device.

Cursor pack parrot

Cursor pack owl

Most owls sleep during the day and hunt at night. When you install our owl custom cursor for the browser you can enjoy its cute look at any time while you are browsing the web. Add a custom cursor with owl from our adorable custom cursors collection with animals.

Cursor pack tina belcher

Cursor pack juventus

Cursor pack waddles

Cursor pack arc warden

Cursor pack lapis lazuli

Cursor pack halloween hand and mummy

Cursor pack stacy hirano

Cursor pack st. louis blues

Cursor pack yellow cursor

Cursor pack raiden

Raiden is a wizard fighter from the Mortal Kombat game. Well-designed custom cursor with a Raiden in our fantastic Mortal Kombat collection with mouse cursors.

Cursor pack brush and shadow

Cursor pack frozen elsa

Cursor pack sweden

Cursor pack halloween coffin and ghost

Cursor pack hot dog and hamburger

Cursor pack princess peach

Cursor pack cheerful

Cursor pack pac-man

Cursor pack minecraft

Cursor pack paw patrol

Cursor pack fox foxy

Cursor pack mexico

Cursor pack gardener day

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