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In respect for all Marvel fans and Comics lovers! Marvel cursors collection with superheroes for your browser. All favorite characters as a cursor and hover pointer in a pretty design will adorn your everyday surfing the web. Marvel became a big part of modern culture with its comics, movies, and dozens of collectible items all over the world. And now you have an opportunity to add custom cursors with Marvel characters in your browser. Avengers cursors, cursors for the mouse with Guardians of the galaxy, Thanos cursor, and other heroes in a Marvel movie cursor collection. Marvel Comics is a big Universe with so many characters all over the Galaxy. Our collection of Marvel includes Avengers cursors with the most popular characters and as well cursors with Guardians of the Galaxy. Looking at a cute Rocket Raccoon mouse cursor or Gamora hover pointer with a cursor that can extend your everyday browsing experience. Much more superheroes are waiting for you in the comics cursor collection. Marvel cursors for the mouse is a fan collection of mouse cursors for Chrome. Chrome cursors with Marvel Superheroes will be actual for everyone who loves comics and would like to help keep the world safe together with the main heroes.

Marvel Comics Cursors Full Pack


Cursor pack star-lord

The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill (Star-Lord) is traveling all over Space and saving the Galaxy from enemies together with his friends. Star-Lord always misses the Earth, so then you often can see him with a walkman and headphones. The cursor for Chrome with a Star-Lord is a great option in a Marvel cursor collection with comics characters.

Cursor pack the avengers

The Avengers are an elite team of superheroes from Marvel Comics, subsequently dubbed "Earth's Mightiest Heroes". Throughout the team's existence, it has featured humans, mutants, robots, gods, aliens, supernatural beings, and even former villains. Our collection of custom Comics Marvel cursors for mouse and pointer gives anyone the opportunity to join the ranks of the Avengers!

Cursor pack drax the destroyer

Drax is a former intergalactic criminal and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, stronger than many other creatures, he can lift enormous weights. Drax skillfully uses a pair of knives, which are his favorite kind of weapon. You have the opportunity to master one of Drax's knives and use it as a custom cursor from our collection of Comics Marvel custom cursors.

Cursor pack winter soldier

Barnes is a master of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts and is highly skilled in the use of combat weapons such as firearms and grenades, and he often carries several conventional weapons with him. One of these weapons is shaped in a custom pointing style for the Comics Marvel cursor collection, and Winter Soldier in a cute design for a custom cursor.

Cursor pack loki

Prince of Asgard in a famous Marvel collection with custom cursors. Being a master of tricks Loki isn’t as honest as his brother Thor and creates chaos in Asgard. So make fun with the Loki cursor for the mouse and unique scepter hover. Marvel cursor with Loki for real fans of the comics.

Cursor pack zombie captain america

Zombie Captain America Cursor was created especially for Halloween for our Marvel Comics custom cursors collection for Chrome. The sinister custom cursor with Zombie Captain America in a very cool art will give you an unforgettable sense of holiday atmosphere.

Cursor pack falcon

Thanks to his protective goggles, Falcon has telescopic and microscopic vision, which allows him to see even Ant-Man the size of an insect. Our collection of custom cursors for Comics Marvel custom cursor collection will help you become an ally of Captain America.

Cursor pack gamora

Being one of the Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora uses her abilities to fight against Thanos and other enemies. Gamora cursor for a mouse is a good fan art to decorate your browsing. A character weapon hover comes together with the custom cursor with Gamora.

Cursor pack spiderman

A young man Peter Parker who has been living a usual life was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. Since that his life has never been like before. Gotten a superpower Spiderman saves the World as one of the Avengers. Well-designed Spider-Man cursor for mouse will be loved by Marvel fans. There is a custom cursor with Spider-Man hand and a spiderman as a hover in a set of Comics Marvel cursors for Chrome.

Cursor pack iron man

Tony Stark is an armed avenger in a Marvel Comics Universe. A man with lots of achievements he uses high-tech innovations to get the ability to fly, fight with the universe enemies, and save the Earth. Add Iron Man cursor in the collection of custom cursors with avengers for the browser.

Cursor pack hawkeye

Barton is one of the most accurate shooters in the world. He can shoot firearms and bows with unmatched accuracy but prefers a bow. With the customizable custom cursor from the Marvel Comics collection, you can test your accuracy with archery.

Cursor pack nebula

A real warrior who was raised by Thanos in regards to continuously contend with her sister Gamora. Authentic custom cursor with Nebula in a Marvel cursors collection for Chrome browser. Nebula cursor item is a pretty designed set of mouse cursor with a stylish hover.

Cursor pack raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is an expert in engineering and technology improvement for weapons that make him a strong warrior in the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Very clever and smart Rocket from Marvel Comics in a cute design for custom cursor with Rocket Raccoon. Formed style gun launcher as a custom hover for Marvel comics cursors collection.

Cursor pack thanos

A strong titan and the enemy of the Earth, who are looking for Infinity Stones to make evil. Besides, he believes he can save the world by destroying half of the population. Thanos cursor for mouse and custom hover pointer with the Infinity Gauntlet in a comics collection of custom cursors.

Cursor pack captain marvel

Carol Danvers has at one point become a Kria-human hybrid with superhuman strength and endurance, she can fly at half the speed of sound, and she can shoot energy charges from her hands. Now you can get the power of Captain Marvel cursor by using our collection of custom Comics Marvel cursors for Chrome.

Cursor pack ant-man

Thanks to the spacesuit, Ant-Man has acquired the ability to resize to submicroscopic sizes at will. Thanks to the Comics Marvel Cursor Collection for Chrome, you can use the custom cursor in the form of an ant and Ant-Man himself as a pointing device.

Cursor pack deadpool

Deadpool has multiple martial arts skills, is extremely agile and physically strong. He is able to survive almost any injury, which takes from a few seconds to several minutes to heal. Deadpool's cursor element is a cute custom mouse and pointer cursor with stylish pointing, unlike Deadpool himself.

Cursor pack vision

Vision is a powerful synthetic being with a body made of vibranium. As a robot, it has the ability to interact with computers and information networks. And you have the ability to interact with your computer with our custom cursors. The Comics Marvel for Chrome cursor set has a custom cursor in the form of the Mind Stone and Vision as a pointing device.

Cursor pack black panther

Black Panther is a prince of the kingdom of Wakanda, very smart, an excellent acrobat, quickly regenerated after wounds and he is much faster than ordinary people, he can move fast. We invite you to keep up with T'Challa and move quickly through the tab with our collection of custom Comics Marvel cursors.

Cursor pack zombie hulk

We are sure that such a Zombie Hulk you have not yet met! Zombie Hulk Cursor was created especially for Halloween for our Marvel Comics custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack war machine

Rowdy possesses heavy-duty, multifunctional manned armor and is skilled with a variety of firearms. With our collection of Comics Marvel custom cursors, you have the opportunity to use Rowdy's personal gun as a custom cursor and War Machine as a pointing device.

Cursor pack groot

Baby Groot is well-known nowadays as a little defender in a league of Guardians of the Galaxy. Baby Groot's custom cursor for the mouse is a pretty superhero in a Marvel cursor collection for Chrome. Looks like a tree with a brave nature Groot in our custom cursors for all fans.

Cursor pack zombie spider-man

Zombie Spider-Man Cursor was created especially for Halloween for our Marvel Comics custom cursors collection for Chrome. Just imagine how cool this incredibly creepy custom cursor with Zombie Spider-Man would look on your screen.

Cursor pack captain america

Strong, brave, and patriotic Captain America is an illustration of a real hero for everyone. America’s World War II Super-Soldier and the leader of Avengers in a great design for a custom cursor for Chrome. Captain America cursor for mouse and custom Avenger hover.

Cursor pack the wasp

Hope van Dyne has remarkable intelligence and a wasp costume that allows her wearer to change size multiple times. The custom mouse and pointer cursor from our Comics Marvel collection will allow you to navigate the tab at the speed of a wasp.

Cursor pack doctor strange

Master of magical power and Earth Protector Doctor Strange in a Marvel cursors collection for Chrome. Doctor Strange cursor for the mouse with his Eye of Agamotto hover will travel with you within the internet.

Cursor pack thor

The God of Thunder and well known as Thor Odinson has the power of Asgardians and strongly protects his motherland Asgard and the Earth as well together with an Avengers team. Cute custom cursor with Thor includes a mouse cursor with Hammer of Thor and a hover pointer with Thor. The collection of Avengers cursors for chrome will be the best suite for all Marvel fans.

Cursor pack nick fury

Legend in a S.H.I.E.L.D, a veteran among the avengers and the greatest spy in the Universe of Marvel comics. Nick Fury as a custom cursor for Chrome. Well-known for handling different types of weapons Nick Fury became a gorgeous soldier and the World defender hero. Now you can get Marvel cursor with Nick Fury for your browser.

Cursor pack hulk

Green, rage, and force are the words that come to the head while thinking about the Hulk. Being a quiet and intelligent scientist he can turn out as an uncontrolled monster that smashes all around. Bruce Banner is a war machine in the Avengers community. Hulk cursors for Chrome with Hulk Smash hover is in a Marvel custom cursors collection.

Cursor pack wanda

Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, is a human genetically altered by the Supreme Evolutionary, possessing an ability called "Chaos Magic". A mouse cursor and custom pointing pointer in the Comics Marvel custom cursor collection.

Cursor pack black widow

Black Widow is an expert in espionage with great skill in martial arts and is armed with high-tech weapons. Comics Marvel's collection of custom cursors for Chrome also gives you the chance to arm yourself with Black Widow's stunner as a custom cursor and Black Widow as a pointing device.

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