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Cursor pack funny clown

Funny clown is a dramatic artist who shows short performances with his misadventures. Set a circus clown custom cursor for the mouse. Clown with a white glow it’s a classic character from our Circus custom cursor collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack bored tom

Tom from Tom&Jerry animated comic cartoon is the famous cat ever. Everyone knows the blue and grey intelligent cat that spends his days chasing the house mouse Jerry. Tom loves milk and catching mice. Also, he loves to spend time with female cats. Meet the custom cursor with Tom for Chrome in a Tom and Jerry custom cursor collection for mouse and pointers.

Cursor pack happy panda

The panda is one of the rarest animals in the world. It lives only on the territory of China. Happy Panda cursor for mouse and pointer is illustrated for the custom cursors collection for mouse and pointer. If you want to change the default cursor to a Happy Panda, you are welcome to our collection of cursors with Animals in a variety of moods.

Cursor pack kawaii sheep

The adorable sheep cursor in a kawaii style was specially created to make your time on the Internet more enjoyable. Use our lamb cursor from our Kawaii custom cursor collection to have fun surfing the web every time.

Cursor pack sly skunk

A predatory animal that loves to cause a lot of trouble! Meet the Sly Skunk cursor for Chrome in a custom cursors collection with Animals for mouse and pointers.

Cursor pack among us white character

White Among Us Character is a custom cursor from our custom cursors collection for Chrome. Players are able to select different colors for their Among Us characters to customize the looking and appear in-game. There are 18 different colors that players can choose in the lobby during the game.

Cursor pack god zeus

Zeus is the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and justice. Zeus is the most powerful of the gods and is presented in our custom cursors collection with Greek Mythology for mouse and pointer. Fierce Zeus as a custom cursor for mouse and lightning in the form of a pointer.

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