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Cursor pack aries zodiac sign

Energetic and optimistic owners of the Aries horoscope sign will love our cute Aries custom cursor and hover for the mouse. Funny designed twelve horoscope cursors in our gorgeous Zodiac Signs custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack berries ice cream

Change the mouse cursor with a funny custom ice cream cursor in a pretty designed collection of custom cursors for chrome with ice cream desserts.

Cursor pack nick fury

Legend in a S.H.I.E.L.D, a veteran among the avengers and the greatest spy in the Universe of Marvel comics. Nick Fury as a custom cursor for Chrome. Well-known for handling different types of weapons Nick Fury became a gorgeous soldier and the World defender hero. Now you can get Marvel cursor with Nick Fury for your browser.

Cursor pack steppenwolf

Steppenwolf is a tyrannical general and a member of the Darkseid Elite who wants to destroy the universe’s calm and peace. Steppenwolf custom cursor for the mouse from the DC Comics universe.

Cursor pack elephant

Tom and Jerry is a well-known American animated cartoon that shows short comedian stories about cats and mouse. It has several main characters among which a funny elephant that you can see in our Tom & Jerry custom cursors collection for Chrome. Elephant cursor from the Tom and Jerry collection will brighten your mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack thanos

A strong titan and the enemy of the Earth, who are looking for Infinity Stones to make evil. Besides, he believes he can save the world by destroying half of the population. Thanos cursor for mouse and custom hover pointer with the Infinity Gauntlet in a comics collection of custom cursors.

Cursor pack flower

Cute purpur flower cursor for mouse and a cute tucan as a pointer in our cute custom cursors collection for Chrome. Change default mouse to the cute and pretty cursor.

Cursor pack bag

Custom cursor with a bag will fill up your browser’s dressing. Add a bag cursor from the cutest custom cursors collection for Chrome and enjoy the look of your mouse pointer.

Cursor pack umbrella

A pretty purple umbrella cursor for browser is presented in our the cutest custom cursors collection for Chrome. The custom cursor for mouse and pointer with umbrella.

Cursor pack owl

Custom cursor with Owl that was created especially for the Halloween event. Explore our Holiday custom cursors collection that is timed to the Halloween and the Autumn thematic. Owl cursor will change the usual cursor for the mouse to a cute one.

Cursor pack mileena

Mileena is a fighter warrior from the Mortal Kombat game. Well-designed custom cursor with a Mileena in our fantastic Mortal Kombat custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack among us purple character

Purple Among Us Character as a custom cursor from our custom cursors collection for Chrome. Players are able to select different colors for their Among Us characters to customize the looking and appear in-game. There are 18 different colors that players can choose in the lobby during the game.

Cursor pack owl

Most owls sleep during the day and hunt at night. When you install our owl custom cursor for the browser you can enjoy its cute look at any time while you are browsing the web. Add a custom cursor with owl from our adorable custom cursors collection with animals.

Cursor pack uranus planet

Uranus is the seventh farthest planet in the solar system, third in diameter, and fourth in mass. A planet that has only been visited by spacecraft once. A well-designed custom galaxy cursor from our Space custom cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack figs

Happy figs cursor for mouse and pointer is illustrated for the custom cursors collection for mouse and pointer. If you want to change the default cursor to a cute fruit, you are welcome to our collection of cursors with fruits in a variety of moods.

Cursor pack friendly alien

Any civilization other than the one existing on our planet is called extraterrestrial, a collection of custom cursors for Chrome you can take part in. A well-designed custom cursor in the form of a flying UFO, from our fantastic collection of solar system cursors with planets and space.

Cursor pack happy gorilla

In total, 160 species of monkeys live on the planet, from real giants - two-meter gorillas to crumbs no more than 15 cm in height. This gorilla is designed as a custom cursor for the mouse that will replace your default pointer with a cute cursor from our Animals cursors collection for Chrome.

Cursor pack sly skunk

A predatory animal that loves to cause a lot of trouble! Meet the Sly Skunk cursor for Chrome in a custom cursors collection with Animals for mouse and pointers.

Cursor pack passion fruit

Passion fruit contains 50% natural juice. Meet the juicy passionfruit cursor for Chrome in a custom cursors collection with Fruits Cursors for mouse and pointers.

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