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Cursor pack kawaii letter

How often do you send letters to friends? And what about a cute letter and a postage stamp as a custom cursor for mouse and pointer from our Kawaii custom cursors collection for Chrome? They're too cute to be true.

Cursor pack killua zoldyck

He is the best friend of Gon Freecss. Has spiky silver hair, very pale skin, and blue eyes, which change shape depending on the mood. We are glad to present this cute custom cursor with Killua Zoldyck from the adorable custom cursors collection for the mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack undertale dream sans

Despite the fact that he is Sans, it is more correct to call him Dream, named after the Tree that gave him life. When he is overly admired, his pupils turn into stars. Dream Sans custom cursor from our custom cursors collection for Chrome will change your default mouse pointer to Undertale and Deltarune characters.

Cursor pack undertale flowey

Flowey has the appearance of a conscious golden flower, can contort his face to show various expressions and can mimic the faces and voices of other characters. Flowey custom cursor from our Undertale and Deltarune cursors collection for mouse and pointer.

Cursor pack zeno zoldyck

Zeno can effortlessly lift debris bigger than he is, can cover long distances with only one jump, has a keen intellect and a considerable amount of experience. Zeno Zoldyck cursor for mouse and custom hover pointer with spiritual power in the form of a dragon in a Hunter × Hunter collection of custom cursors.

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