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Cursor pack astronaut in weightlessness

With our Space collection, you can dive into a world of fantastic custom cursors. A well-designed custom cursor in the shape of a spaceship from our cursors collection with planets of the Solar System.

Cursor pack ice cream

Cursor pack marshmallow at the stake

Cursor pack sight

Cursor pack sunflovewer plants vs. zombies

Cursor pack sheriff woody

Cursor pack funny pineapple

Sweet pineapple mouse cursor and pointer are created for the cutest custom cursor collection for Chrome. If you want to change a default cursor to something cute, then our custom cursor with delicious pineapple will well suit you.

Cursor pack the flash

The Flash has a superpower of speed energy that can bring him across time and eras and also makes him the fastest man on the Earth. The Flash custom cursor for the mouse from our gorgeous collection of DC comics custom cursors for Chrome. Rage and Calm mode for Flash hover are available.

Cursor pack saw

Cursor pack statue of liberty and the ball

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